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Project provided "as is" in gonzo manner. Convert it for yourselves. You do it at own risk! All you need is in linked *.zip file


After successful making of 1590a Black Russian Muff (about 2007-2008) I had a dream to make a small clone of small clone with film capacitors at audio path, as in original. Fast calculating of pads discovered that it impossible to make PCB with usual 2.54 grid, too much contacts.

After couple of years final idea came: dip chips, and smd resistors under them (and 1 diode :) ) SMD 1206 size are easy to soldier, less space and no need to drill the holes.


Thanks tonepad.com and shift for schematic. It was re-drawn for better understanding (with errors, that is why 1st pcb with error). All other is in project.

First build was with pcb sockets, it was biiig mistake. 15n capacitor was not too easy to find, so there is two spaces on PCB for it, for example 10n + 4.7n, etc

Home demo on old cellular: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgtEK0_Mq4I , thanks to Termozz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HZ57j8TvKs very early, with depth switch (dec-2010)

PCB sources and schematic available for "sprint layout 5.0" and "splan6" or newer

  • single sided first version contained error (near diode and R62), but it colorful
  • double sided PCB is tested and can easy be transferred back to single sided with 3 jumpers and 1 zero Ohm resistor

Previous projects: 1590a Black Russian Muff (smallest PCB 25x25mm) http://gtwiki.2102.su/index.php?title=Micro_Big_Muff Memory chains delay - analog delay with tap tempo http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=100541.0

If it interesting, I can publish tap tempo LFO based on MCU with 16bit DAC + volume pedal. Again, it far from perfect, but it works!

[url=http://www.shift-line.com/research/MemoryChains/1590a small clone.zip]www.shift-line.com/research/MemoryChains/1590a small clone.zip[/url]